February 8, 2023

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What to do when you feel unmotivated: My 3 favorite tips

What to do when you feel unmotivated: My 3 favorite tips

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Nor do we bathe – that’s why we recommend it every day.”
Zig Ziglar

Some days you wake up motivated and ready to go.

Some days things feel heavy and it’s hard to get going and find that inner drive.

And there are often roadblocks, plateaus and valleys on the way to what you want where you can get caught in a slump. Or get lost in a rut.

And you feel like your motivation is gone.

So today I just want to share three of my favorites and, in my experience, the most effective ways to find that motivation again.

1. Do the 10-minute charging exercise.

Here’s how to do this motivational exercise.

Sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes.

Ask yourself these two questions:

What will my life be like in 5 years if I just carry on as I am now? How is life likely to get worse for me and maybe even for those around me?

It may be uncomfortable, but try to see the negative consequences in your mind as vividly as possible to boost your motivation to pursue that positive change.

Then ask yourself:

What will my life be like in 1 year if I stick with it and continue with this change? What will it look like in 5 years? How will life improve not only for me but also for the people I love if I stick with it?

With these two sets of questions, try not only to look into the future as detailed and vividly as possible, but also to find your own personal reasons for the change.

For example, better form can help you become more optimistic and energetic. That’s great.

But to really get to the heart of your motivation, spend a few more minutes searching for the more personal answer.

The answer could be that you want to make that change in your health because if you don’t you may not have the energy to have fun and play with your son as much as you want while he is young. And when he gets older, you might be too tired from work to give him time every day.

If you want to change your money habits, it could be because you always dreamed of seeing the pyramids of Egypt or visiting the Maldives with the person you love most in the world.

Write those deepest reasons down on a piece of paper and put that note where you can’t avoid seeing it every day.

2. Let the motivation that sparks in other people overwhelm you.

Another great way to recharge your motivation is to simply tap into other people’s motivating energy and perspectives.

So, talk to the people in your life about their dreams and what they feel most motivated to achieve and do in their life.

But don’t feel limited to just the people you know in real life.

I often recharge my motivation by listening to a small portion of an audio book by Brian Tracy or Wayne Dyer. Or I look at a YouTube video by Ali Abdaal or Matt D’Avella. Or read a chapter in a book on my Kindle.

Spending as little as 5 or 10 minutes can very often, in my experience, turn your mood and mindset around and reignite your motivation.

3. Just get started and let the motivation catch up with you.

Sometimes the above two tips might not work so well, although they are very powerful.

then what can you do

Well, you can take a break and recharge your batteries because sometimes that’s just what you need.

Or you can do what I often do when I have an uninspired morning.

I start anyway, despite the lack of inner motivation.

I do this by taking one small step forward and just focusing on taking that one step. For example, I can tell myself I’m going to spend 3 minutes working on a new article or editing part of something I’m creating.

When that’s done, I take another small step and just focus on that until it’s done.

At first it might not feel fun or interesting to complete this task, but it’s just a small step I have to take to make it feel acceptable.

It doesn’t stop there.

The next step is usually a little easier and maybe even a little bit pleasant.

And with the next step, the motivation catches up with me and I start having fun and really enjoying what I’m doing.

You will most likely not feel motivated every day. That’s OK.

You can still progress step by step and soon the motivation will catch up with you.