February 8, 2023

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What can you buy with $100 or less?

Looking for items you can buy with $100? Nowhere else on the internet is there a larger collection than here!

We’ve scoured the web for hours to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your $100.

On-Ear Headphones

This is hands down one of the best items you can get for $100. The headphones’ 40mm speakers are the largest in their class. You won’t find many other headphones that can match this one in terms of music quality. This one has a really fast loading time. Just 15 minutes of charging can provide up to 10 hours of music enjoyment.

In addition, any network can benefit from crystal clear communication thanks to the 2-microphone call technology.

gaming keyboard

This mechanical keyboard offers a better user experience for everyone, gamers or not, thanks to its audible and tactile click.

It was designed with esports athletes’ needs for competition-level power, speed, and precision in mind.

gaming mouse

Keyboard and mouse are now combined. After a very amazing mechanical keyboard, now a fantastic mouse is available. It is a very light mouse, weighing only around 68g.

Because it’s made entirely of PTFE, it offers the smoothest swiping motion and enhanced control for very light mouse movements.

PixArt is a specialized true 1-to-1 tracking sensor designed specifically for wireless performance. The speed and precision of this 18,000 CPI, 400 IPS, 40G optical sensor will enhance your gaming experience. The internal circuits of the mouse are designed to be protected from almost all environmental influences.

refractor telescope

This telescope includes two excellent eyepieces (20mm and 10mm diameter) for viewing celestial objects at night with low and high power and terrestrial objects by day.

The large 70mm lens opening provides a better and brighter picture.

Astronomy software, a backpack and a tripod are included. It is portable and easy to place anywhere you want.

video doorbell

With this video doorbell you can communicate with anyone from your phone, tablet or computer.

In addition, it has stronger night vision and motion detection than previous generations.

Mini Wi-Fi Projector

The projector has HDMI, USB, TF card, VGA, AV interfaces and Wi-Fi connection. Virtually any device that outputs video can be connected to this 1080P Full HD projector.

With a 100 inch screen, this home projector is practical and affordable. If you want, you can increase the screen size to 270 inches.

air fryer

This hot air fryer will not disappoint, whether you use it in your kitchen or as a gift.

Two pounds of fries fit in the 4-liter ceramic-coated non-stick basket and crisper plate.

The wide temperature range from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to cook quickly and conveniently. All components are also dishwasher safe.

ice machine

Its ice cream maker has a powerful motor that allows you to quickly and easily prepare frozen desserts, ice cream or drinks.

Use the double insulated freezer bowl for up to two liters of frozen dessert. Add all the ingredients to your ice creams or drinks and the motor and paddle will take care of the rest.


Six automatic cook settings are pre-programmed in this 0.7 cubic foot capacity oven.

However, that doesn’t stop you from using your settings while cooking. With 10 power levels and the digital kitchen timer, you can do this very easily.

blackout curtains

Trust me you will sleep like never before.

Sharp knives

Do you always destroy vegetables when you cut them? Sure, you can always sharpen your knives, but save yourself the hassle and just buy a new set for under $100.

Need more ideas? People on Reddit have shared some great ideas on life-changing items that cost $100 or less. IMO, some of the best answers were:

“A book about gardening on a budget, I had nothing to do in my life at the time and needed a hobby. It was comforting and I felt like I had achieved something when I repurposed old furniture to make garden beds. I was depressed, but gardening gave me a reason to get up in the morning. Can’t leave my spinach thirsty, right? I eat healthier, meet friends and now it’s a passion for me.” “Maybe it sounds simple, but a good pillow. It’s amazing how body aches and sleep change when you have a good pillow that fits you. 4 state of charge. Super easy to use (just plug it in, press the power button and then start the car) and it can also charge phones and the like.”

After all, whatever you decide to buy, know one thing – it definitely won’t change your life, but it can improve it tremendously.