February 8, 2023

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The Netflix opening titles of ‘Wednesday’ are packed with hidden clues

A silhouette of a girl with pigtails stands in front of a large mansion.

We already had a first look at Wednesday, Tim Burton’s coming-of-age crime/horror/mystery spin-off of the Addams Family franchise, and now we have a title sequence too.

Filled with eerie music and ominous imagery of bugs being swallowed by Venus flytraps and crows flying by a full moon, the opening theme is also packed with little clues that may or may not be relevant to the show itself – keep an eye out them.

What is the Nightshade Society emblazoned on a mysterious tome? Why is Thing, the Addams’ most practical family member, crawling down a spiral staircase that resembles a clock? What is this burning tree doing in a crystal ball?

On Wednesday, Jenny Ortega stars in the title role alongside Gwendoline Christie, Jamie McShane and the OG Wednesday film franchise Christina Ricci.

Wednesday Addams will stream on Netflix starting November 23.