February 8, 2023

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The best places for DoorDash in Florida

The Sunshine State is known for many things, from its warm climate and beautiful sandy beaches to crystal clear waters.

But does all of this make Florida a good place for DoorDash?

Well, yes and no.

People DoorDash all over the US, but many started wondering what are the best locations for DoorDash in one of the most prestigious states in the entire US, Florida.

Florida is considered one of the worst states for DoorDash compared to other states, but while that sounds grim, it’s not that bad.

You can still pick a handful of locations that are actually good for DoorDashing!

Learn more about it below!

What are the best locations for DoorDash in Florida?

In general, the best locations for DoorDash are big cities with lots of people and restaurants. So if you go for a densely populated area like a big city, you will definitely make a decent amount of money.

This also applies to Florida. Choosing cities like Miami, Orlando or Tampa would be the best possible choices you can make.

You should definitely avoid places like Naples with around 20,000 inhabitants. You can easily compare Naples to Tampa, which has a population of over 387,000, and everything should be clear.

Now let’s take a deep dive and see which cities are the best for DoorDashing in Florida and why!


While Miami isn’t the top option on our list, it’s still one of the top spots for DoorDash in Florida.

Miami is a metropolitan area with a total population of approximately 440,000. Since Miami is such a huge city, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once.

Therefore, you should pick a quarter or two to get the most out of your DoorDash performance.

You should definitely start from Downtown Miami as there is a large residential and commercial area. So there is a large majority of people there, making it one of the best places in Miami for DoorDashing.

The south side of Miami is also a great place for DoorDash, as there are three well-populated neighborhoods that are mostly residential. Therefore, you would not waste time like when you have to climb a 7-storey building or something like that.



The beautiful city of Tampa is next on our list and with a population of approximately 385,000 is definitely a choice to consider when it comes to DoorDashing.

Tampa is the third largest city in Florida after Miami and Jacksonville.

The best place for DoorDash in Tampa is downtown as there are many office complexes with many hungry people.

Tampa is divided into six areas with many neighborhoods, the vast majority of which have populations over 20,000.

So you have many options when it comes to Tampa. Some of the most densely populated neighborhoods are Ybor City, Ballast Point, and Seminole Heights.


Jacksonville is the most populous city in the entire state of Florida, making it a good place to start or continue your DoorDashing career.

The Jacksonville metropolitan area is Florida’s fourth largest metropolitan area with a population of over 1,605,000.

Some information was given to us by a DoorDash driver working in Jacksonville, and they made about $130 in eight hours of work as an inexperienced DoorDasher, which is pretty decent if you ask me.

Downtown Jacksonville should definitely be your number one spot in the city to do DoorDash.

The Mandarin neighborhood in the southernmost part of Jacksonville is also one of the best places for DoorDash in Jacksonville as it is full of wealthy people. Mandarin is known as “a tropical paradise”!


Last but not least, we have Orlando as the best possible location for DoorDash in Florida. People say that the customers tend to be pleasant and are known for tipping properly, unlike in the Miami area, where there are reports that customers can be unpleasant.

According to some experienced DoorDashers, the main area you need to hit to make the most money is definitely Winter Park and Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

The Pine Hills area should also prove to be a decent spot for DoorDash in Orlando as it has over 66,000 residents and lots of schools and homes.

You should stay away from the Parramore area as much as possible as it has a very high unemployment rate and overall low household income.

last words

That’s why you have it! These are the best locations to choose for DoorDash in Florida.

As mentioned above, Orlando should definitely be your first choice, but we’re sure you can get it working in any of the above options with a bit of luck.

Have fun door dashing!