February 3, 2023

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The 10 Most Expensive Cowboy Hats (Ranked!)

You can currently choose from a wide variety of cowboy hats from different brands on the market.

The cowboy hat was originally developed to protect ranch hands from the intense heat of the sun and to provide them with much needed shade while riding their horses.

A quality cowboy hat not only serves a practical purpose, but also adds an iconic touch to your western outfit and serves as a conversation starter. Several well-known musicians, such as Lil Nas X & Solange, are known for using cowboy hats as an element of their dress style to represent themselves.

Various manufacturers produce cowboy hats, including American Hat Company, JW Brooks, Stetson, Queue Essentials, Resistol, Ariat, and Justin, according to the Stylecheer website. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the top 10 most expensive cowboy hats that can be found anywhere in the world.


Cost: $46

Since the company’s inception in 1993, Ariat has been an industry leader in the manufacture of quality riding boots and a range of apparel and cowboy hats.

Ariat merchandise can claim exceptional functionality and attractive aesthetics due to the premium quality that goes into their production. Ariat cowboy hats are made from felt and straw, making them an excellent choice for the cowboy who wears one to work.

Queue Basics

Cost: $50

Queue Essentials is known for making cowboy hats that are not only practical, but also fit well with the culture and aesthetic of the American West. Most of their headwear, including their hats, are made from sturdy materials such as high-quality felt and straws that also make a strong design statement.

Queue Essentials also offers fashionable cowboy hats at reasonable prices. The Queue Essential cowboy hats are the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether you’re going to a rodeo or a night out dancing.


Cost: $70

Justin is a well known brand name for manufacturing high quality cowboy hats and western boots. Since its inception in 1879, the company has produced some of the finest contemporary hats to meet the needs of cowboys on the job.

Justin cowboy hats come in a variety of materials, including straw and felt, and reflect the traditional western way of life. In addition, specialists in the rodeo and cowboy sector rely on Justin hats. Justin hats are known for their quality.


Cost: $136

Cowboy hat brand Resistol, which has been in business making cowboy hats since 1927, ranks number one on our top 10 list. The company is run by a group of milliners who are dedicated to their job and only concerned with making quality cowboy hats. Resistol cowboy hats are made according to the western lifestyle and correspond to both fashion and the practical requirements of riding.

The Resistol Cowboy Hats offer a distinctive range of headwear that offers head protection while enjoying your ride out while rocking the vintage cowboy hat look. In addition to the large selection of cowboy hats made of felt and straw in various exciting colors, the Resistol cowboy hats are also available in different sizes.

Regarded as the exact embodiment of traditional western garb, Resistol cowboy hats have been a favorite of popular country artists such as George Strait and Jason Aldean. The fact that Resistol cowboy hats are equipped with a felt hat band made entirely of beaver belly fur and decorated with a beautiful buckle is one of the most distinctive features of the brand.

The buckle is made from four genuine pieces of solid silver that are intricately carved into various designs. If you take a closer look at the inside of the hat you will notice that it has a nice roan leather sweatband. This sweatband is used to make wearing the hat more comfortable overall.

JW Brooks

Cost: $800

JW Brooks is one of the most respected names in the business when it comes to making cowboy hats that go well with your modern lifestyle. Because they are made to order, you can rest assured that you are getting the cowboy hat that fits your head perfectly.

JW Brooks has been making cowboy hats for over 30 years and the company offers cowboy hats that are surprisingly durable and come in a variety of color options for you to choose from. Additionally, JW Brooks cowboy hats allow customers to add a custom embroidered design to the brim, which can help add a spectacularly elegant touch.

The American Hats 500X Pecan

Cost: $1,260

Known for its excellent quality, the American Hats 500X Pecan is undoubtedly the ideal hat for any cowboy. This hat is crafted from premium 500X feet, which are a mix of premium fur including mink, beaver and rabbit.

Each American 500X Pecan Hat is carefully tailored to the wearer to meet their specific needs. In addition, it has a beautiful felt buckle that is well made and a stunning felt hat band.

The Stetson El Amo cowboy hat

Cost: $1,621

The Stetson El Amo cowboy hat takes almost two days to be fully designed and perfected as it goes through many important steps to ensure the highest possible durability. This cowboy hat is made from the highest quality 500X fur felt and features a cattleman’s crown, bringing a unique approach to the fashion world.

The dyed felt hatband that comes standard with the Stetson El Amo hat includes a three-piece lock set made from high quality 10k gold and sterling silver. The inside of the cap is lined with satin and a leather sweatband is sewn inside. Each Stetson El Amo hat comes with a case and is handcrafted in Garland, Texas.

the 1000x Larry Mahan Imperial Cowboy

Cost: $2,500

Crafted from high quality black felt, the 1000x Larry Mahan Imperial Cowboy Hat is an excellent choice for rodeos and more formal occasions. The hat, true to its name, is crafted from the highest quality mink possible, 1000x, to ensure it is both fashionable and durable.

The hat also matches a complimentary hat band with a stunning three piece buckle set finished in sterling silver and gold with sparkling diamonds.

The interior of the hat consists of a woven lining and a leather sweatband that has been carefully crafted. In addition, each Larry Mahan Imperial Cowboy Hat comes with a beautifully constructed tote bag which is included in the purchase price.

The American Silver Belly Cowboy Hat 1000X

Cost: $2,570

The American Silver Belly Cowboy Hat 1000X includes a distinctive matching hat band that goes well with the hat and has a gorgeous three piece buckle. This hat band is included with the purchase of the hat.

The high-end elegance of the buckle comes from the diamonds and gold placed inside. The shimmering leather sweatband seen inside the hat has been expertly crafted by hat makers in the USA.

Stetson Premier cowboy hat with diamonds

Cost: $5,600

In most cases, the most expensive hat is the Stetson Diamante Premier cowboy hat, which goes through a process that takes two days and results in a masterpiece. The hat is made from the finest beaver and chinchilla fur that is woven together to create the world’s finest 1000-thread-count felt.

In addition to its stunning silver belly color adding quality and elegance, the Stetson Diamante cowboy hat features a state of the art 14k gold buckle adorned with 26 magnificent diamonds. This buckle is included in the purchase price of the hat. The inside of the hat has a luxurious satin lining and the sweatband is made from quality sheepskin.


The American Hat Company, Queue Essentials, Justin, JW Brooks, Resistol Ariat and Stetson are among the most respected names in the cowboy hat industry. These companies are known for making quality straw cowboy hats because these hats are easy to care for and often lightweight. Additional cowboy hats are available that are made from materials such as fur, felt, leather, and wool.