February 8, 2023

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Nvidia is ending support for its GameStream feature on Shield devices

Nvidia plans to remove GameStream, a PC game streaming feature, from its Shield TVs and tablets. GameStream has been a feature of Nvidia Shield devices since they were portable, allowing Shield owners to stream games from a PC to their TV at up to 60 fps in 4K resolution.

Shield owners will be disappointed to hear that Nvidia is not only retiring its GameStream feature, but is actually removing it from devices. An update due in mid-February will, in a bizarre move, completely remove the GameStream feature after nearly 10 years.

Nvidia recommends Steam Link instead

Nvidia recommends Shield users switch to Steam Link, which is a similar way to stream PC games to a Shield device. You need the Steam Link app on your Shield TV to access streaming games from your gaming PC. Nvidia also lists GeForce Now as an alternative, but you won’t get 4K streaming and high frame rates without a subscription to the cloud gaming service.

You can opt-out of the Nvidia Games app update and GameStream will continue to work for some time, but Nvidia warns that it is “no longer supported and will eventually stop working”. You’ll also need the latest Nvidia Games app to access services like GeForce Now.

An alternative might be to use Moonlight, an open-source implementation of Nvidia’s GameStream protocol. Moonlight uses a number of third-party clients and Nvidia’s protocol to play PC games on almost any device. Alternatives like Sunshine should still be able to be used as a GameStream host for Moonlight.

Nvidia has not explained why GameStream is being removed, but we have reached out to the company to comment on the removal and will update you accordingly.