February 3, 2023

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Is it worth joining a country club?

In short, yes! You probably already know some of the benefits of club membership, such as: B. Access to a clubhouse and other facilities, special events and exclusive social gatherings if you have considered joining a private country club. However, did you know that joining a country club also comes with some financial benefits? We examine the financial reasons for joining a country club.

Reasons to Join a Country Club

Membership in a private country club can be beneficial in a number of ways. However, the benefits largely depend on the family or individual and how they use their membership. A country club membership can be more valuable if you consider the following factors before joining.

Potential for unparalleled networking

Joining a country club can be a great way for successful professionals to meet new people and expand their professional and social networks. There’s no better way to connect with others who share your interests locally. An instant bond is formed when you introduce yourself to a potential spouse or prospect as a fellow member.

Businesses considering joining Blackstone Country Club can get even more from their membership dues by taking advantage of the corporate membership program. The company membership program allows two to four employees to join the same company at a reduced price. How about getting your top executives to network with their peers in other organizations to see if this can help your company?

family entertainment

The best country clubs offer their members a wide range of family-friendly activities. The best value for a family’s country club membership comes when members can think of different ways to use the club’s resources, such as: B. the swimming pool, golf course, card room and gym.

For example, a family with young children with a Blackstone Country Club membership can spend more time together thanks to the club’s activities, tennis courts, exercise programs, restaurants and resort-style pools.

Equity Membership

Some members of private country clubs may be entitled to an ownership interest in the club. Now more than ever is the time to start reaping the tangible benefits of your country club membership.

As the entry fee increases, so does the value of equity membership at clubs like Blackstone Country Club, where departing members receive an amount equal to 80% of their original investment. And with legacy transfers, clubs like Blackstone Country Club ensure your membership funds and rights can be passed down through the generations.

Golf and other activities can be cheaper

Whatever your interests, choosing a country club that supports your way of life with features tailored just for you can result in significant long-term financial savings. For example, a dedicated golfer can save thousands of dollars by joining a country club with no or reduced fees, particularly in the Phoenix area where golfing is a year-round hobby.

Make sure the private country club you want to join gives you access to a variety of facilities and activities that you will use regularly to choose a membership that makes the most financial sense.