February 3, 2023

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Goalkeeper attacked by fan in Turkish derby between Göztepe and Altay

Göztepe fansGöztepe and Altay are longtime rivals from the Turkish city of Izmir

During a derby between the Turkish second division clubs Göztepe and Altay in Izmir, a goalkeeper was attacked by a fan with a corner flag.

Sunday’s game was abandoned midway through the first half and ambulances were forced onto the field after fans threw firecrackers and flares.

After the game was stopped, a supporter ran onto the field and attacked Altay’s keeper Ozan Evrim Ozenc with a corner flag.

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) said: “We condemn the incidents.”

In a statement, the TFF also condemned “the sneak attack” on Ozenc.

After ambulances arrived on the field to treat fans injured by firecrackers, videos on social media showed a supporter running across the field and attacking Ozenc from behind before being pinned down by players and security personnel.

“While we wish the injured football fans a speedy recovery, we also wish Altay goalkeeper Ozan Evrim Ozenc, who suffered violence from the attacker who entered the field, a speedy recovery,” the statement added.