February 8, 2023

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Frank Green’s 3-in-1 is the only mug you need

I don’t have any particularly extreme requirements for a reusable cup. I’m not a hiker. I am not a camper. I’m not a cyclist. It’s not really a travel mug that I want. I’m not even a coffee connoisseur. But I value adaptability – as a fan of both hot and cold coffee – and convenience. For the legion of you like me — the “regular” caffeine consumers — I’d like to introduce you to the glorious Frank Green 3-in-1 Insulated Cup Holder ($40). It’s the secret sauce, the Goldilocks mug…it’s spot on.

Well, I must confess, before I got to the 3-in-1, it was another Frank Green product – the 595ml reusable bottle – that came closest to my ideal vessel. I was sure I’d stumbled upon the brand for me, with colorful options and strong materials being touted along with a focus on adaptability. I had found the right cupmaker for me, but not the right product yet.

Put a lid on it

Frank Green’s reusable bottle was sturdy with heavy insulation and I thought it was just what I was looking for. Problems only became apparent after a long period of commuting. Before I set off, for example, it wasn’t easy to find space in my bag, which was usually already stuffed with tech to review. My favorite shoulder bag even had an inviting compartment for a mug to nestle in, but Frank’s larger option was, well, too big.

Upon reaching the office, the trifles would increase. Do I have both the snap lid (better for hot drinks) and the straw lid (better for cold drinks) with me? Did I remember to wash both? And had I washed both (quite complicated) parts well enough? I usually waited until I got to work with my first cup of coffee, which meant these unwanted questions appealed to a fuzzy and decaf mind. All too often the answer to at least one of these questions was no.

You see, both this larger Frank Green mug and some of its competitors that heavily suggest isolation chops, like the Chillys Series 2 mug, have a thin metal rim at the top. Whether I was cleaning them at home or doing a quick wipe at work when I had forgotten to do it the night before, my hand picked up nicks. A seam runs along the inside of the cup and meets the narrow brim at the top, creating a problem of pinching the skin when you jam your hand inside to clean. The 20oz was the worst offender as its larger size meant I had to dip as deep as I could into the cup and stuff my fingers in like I was trying to get the last few Pringles off the bottom of a can, but in this case with one damp communal sponge. Lost lids, perforated palms and a stuffed bag – the initial joy of having a cup of coffee had given way to everyday drudgery. That wouldn’t work.

I briefly reverted to the smaller version of Frank’s ceramic reusable mug, but with no straw option, it wasn’t the convenience champ I was looking for. And the messy cleaning remained. Several months passed. Occasionally I used the mug, reverted to a mug, or, in bad shape on my part, didn’t use a reusable mug at all – and shamefully took the dump the cafe afforded me.

The size of it

Photo: Frank Green

Then one day, idly searching for a new perfect container while pondering whether different combinations of lids would work or if an entirely new style of mug would be the solution, I found myself back on the Frank Green website. Then I saw it. The 3 in 1. An insulated holder for hot drinks, cold drinks and canned drinks. It was simplicity, clean lines, stylish colors and no fuss. No screw-on lids, no push-down buttons, no essential accessories to remember. I wasted no time. I chose my color and placed my order.