February 8, 2023

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Does Target offer cashback rewards to its customers?

Does Target offer cashback rewards to its customers? The answer is yes, but only for Target RedCard holders. Below we cover what you need to know about this popular retailer and the benefits of its loyalty card.

A retail favorite for many, Target is known for offering quality items at affordable prices. If you’re a Target regular, you may have wondered if there are additional benefits you can get for your regular purchases.

In this article, we share information about Target’s cashback program as well as additional savings opportunities when shopping at Target.

Does Target offer cashback rewards to its customers?

Yes, Target has a cashback program. It’s part of their Target RedCard benefits, which also include a 5% discount on Target purchases. Target Mastercard users can also get 2% back on restaurant and gas purchases and 1% on purchases elsewhere.

If you’re a frequent Target shopper, a Target card offers several benefits. Make sure to pair your card with the Target Circle app for even more savings!

What are Cashback Rewards Programs?

A cash back rewards program is a monetary incentive offered to customers by companies to encourage them to do more business with them. This incentive was popularized by credit card companies who return a percentage of the cash you spend with your card back to you in cash or physical form. Over time, businesses such as retail stores began offering customers cashback rewards to encourage them to shop more.

So does Target offer its customers cashback rewards that regular shoppers can benefit from? let’s find out

How the Target Rewards program works

Target is known for offering its RedCard credit cardholders a 5% discount on purchases. This automatic discount is applied at checkout at Target stores. This discount can be used in combination with other savings including coupons, digital coupons and cashback apps like Ibotta.

Target shoppers who saved the 5% at Target.com and Target stores also have another opportunity to save. With the Target Mastercard version of the RedCard, they can earn money back when they use their card for gas, food and other purchases.

While additional cashback isn’t available on Target purchases since you’re already receiving the 5% rebate, Target Mastercard holders can get 2% back on gas and restaurant purchases elsewhere. You can also get 1% on other non-Target purchases made with the card. Rewards are received in the form of Target gift cards.

How to redeem Target Cashback Rewards

Target Cashback Rewards are available to eligible Target Redcard holders. This is an incentive to use their card at non-target locations and earn rewards.

Rewards can be redeemed by visiting the Target cardholder area of ​​the website at Target.com/MyRedCard. From there you can select “Redeem Rewards”. If you have at least $10 in cashback available, you can redeem it in the form of a Target gift card. You can also redeem your available rewards by calling 1-800-424-6888.

Does Target have a cashback reward limit?

Love shopping at Target and wondering if there’s a limit to the rewards you can earn with your card? Good news! According to the Target website, there is no limit to the number of rewards you can earn.

How to maximize rewards at Target

As a regular Target buyer, I can regularly save 15% to 20% and sometimes 50% or more. Not only do I keep an eye out for offers and promotions at my Target store, I use my Target card to save 5% on my purchases. Additionally, I’m watching the Target Circle app for significant savings.

For even more savings, I look out for discounts in the Coupons.com app, Ibotta, and Fetch to get cashback on select items. These savings make Target one of my favorite places to shop, and I end up getting many items for free, or even the occasional profit.

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