February 8, 2023

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Direct Selling Company – Sell for the best in each industry

In recent years people have started running New Age businesses called direct selling. Here are what I think are the best direct selling companies to join today.

Work in your free time. Sell ​​what you want, how you want. Share some of your favorites with your favorite people.

Let me name a few direct selling companies that may be right for you to make money from home.

The motivations for direct selling are largely the same. But the most exciting thing about the industry is choosing the company you want to sell for.

With so many great options, it’s up to you where to invest your time, money and passion in exchange for a modest additional income.

Some of the biggest and best direct selling companies have stood the test of time with their longevity, ethics and success.

They are listed below by category. Customers and distributors are consistently happy with their return on investment—and you probably will be, too.

List of the 4 Best Direct Selling Companies

1. Nutrition: Feeling good inside and out

It’s all about you! A fun, healthy life should be within reach. And when it comes to nutrition and skin care, you won’t find anything better than USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

This company prides itself on scientifically backing its award-winning products. These products are developed by teams of scientists and experts in their respective fields.

They have built a brand with loyal employees and customers who enjoy the benefits of their breakthrough health and wellness products.

The Nutritionals, Luxurious Skincare and Active Nutrition Foods lines support customers’ lives on the move.

The USANA lifestyle places great emphasis on achieving personal goals and sharing good health with others.

And they have the clout to show that more Olympic athletes trust USANA than any other nutritional supplement company.

USANA has been around for a while. They were founded in 1992 and just celebrated their 30th anniversary.

The company held a global celebration of its impressive history and shared goals for the future.

Employees from 24 markets around the world participated. But it’s not just about selling products.

USANA loves to invest in our partners, employees, local communities and the environment.

2. Essential smells: sweeten your space

Essential oils have been trending for years. Take them, breathe them in and put them on your skin.

However you like your oils, one fragrant, famous company is Scentsy. From essential oils to wax warmers, their products will make your space as cozy and beautiful as you want.

Advisors are all about infusing life with fragrance, driven by the company’s core values ​​of simplicity, authenticity and generosity.

They have longevity and branding to win them over to customers. Scentsy is proud to be the Official Fragrance of Walt Disney World® Resort and is licensed with brands including Marvel, Star Wars, Warner Brothers and the NFL.

3. Housewares: Customize your kitchen

3.1. Spoiled cook

Home cooks have been filling their kitchens and pampering themselves with Pampered Chef since 1980.

Today they have 65,000 Distributors around the world proudly selling and throwing parties to share quality kitchen equipment and tools.

The company and its vendors strive to simplify mealtimes for families, giving them more time to create memories and traditions.

And not only is it a fun addition to your kitchen, but they also create delicious recipes.

With proven durability and kitchen tools durable enough to be passed down from generation to generation.

Pampered Chef is one of the best direct selling companies to buy or sell.

3.2. princess house

Princess House is exactly what it sounds like. They are on a mission to make your life happier, healthier and more beautiful with their impeccable products.

Quality products include quality kitchenware, food storage containers, cutlery and table decorations to enhance your mealtime.

They are around 55 years old and proud of their multicultural team of over 25,000 consultants in the US and Puerto Rico.

Upgrade your home and earn extra income by throwing parties and sharing love with others.

4. Makeup and Beauty: A more beautiful you

Mary Kay is one of the pillars of direct selling companies in the US and for good reason. This iconic brand started in 1963 with one foundation and four skincare products.

Over time, Mary Kay has grown into a multi-billion dollar international company.

It earns its place among the best with its commitment to quality and loyal women who love their makeup and skincare products.

Selling Mary Kay is easy and inexpensive. Your Beauty Consultants know they represent a solid brand with products they can be proud to stand behind.


Of course, do your own research before joining any direct selling company in your area.

The above companies have been verified by thousands of satisfied distributors worldwide.

Do your quest, look for these important characteristics of an ethical, successful direct selling business:

They are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA): The DSA holds companies to strict standards and ensures that they conduct their business legally and ethically. Low start-up costs: Getting started shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. If anything, you should have a low entry fee and little (if any) inventory on hand. Familiarize yourself with your compensation plan: Know how you will be paid. An ethical direct selling company will pay you based on your sales, not recruitment. If most of your income comes from referral bonuses, there’s a good chance it’s a Ponzi scheme and not a legitimate direct selling business. Quality Goods: Buy some of the company’s products and try them for yourself. An ideal business fit sells great products that you’ll want to buy again and be proud to recommend.

Working with direct selling companies can be a great way to supplement your income and share what you love.

And with so many companies to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your lifestyle!

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