February 8, 2023

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Amazon layoffs begin, Ticketmaster struggles with Taylor Swift and much of Twitter headquarters is quitting • TechCrunch

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If you read last week’s issue, you’ll notice some echoes here: more layoffs, more FTX drama, and more absurdity at Elon’s Twitter. Let’s dive in!


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Mass layoffs on Twitter: After firing thousands of Twitter employees in recent weeks, Elon gave those who remained something of an ultimatum: Commit to “extremely hardcore” as “part of the new Twitter” or leave with a three-month severance pay… and, well, a lot of people took door number 2. It’s unclear at this point (even to Twitter, it seems) how many rejected the ultimatum, but all indications are hundreds/thousands.

SBF DMs: For some reason, the founder of FTX – the once-massive crypto exchange that imploded last week – decided to do an impromptu interview with a Vox reporter via DM. Seemingly with no agreement that any of this was classified, these became DMs published quickly of course. His biggest regret in all of this? Oddly, declare bankruptcy.

Buying Evernote: Once something of an App Store darling, Evernote was an early paragon of design, quality, and governance. Then after a series of pricing/privacy/design changes angered the user base, it just sort of faded away. This week, the company was acquired by Italian app developer Bending Spoons in what Kyle Wiggers calls “the end of an era.”

Amazon Layoffs: Rumors suggest that layoffs are afoot at Amazon, with some estimates suggesting more than 10,000 would be laid off. The layoffs began this week, with CEO Andy Jassy writing in a memo that the layoffs will continue into next year.

Ticketmaster Face Plants: Tickets for Taylor Swift’s first tour in years went on sale this week, and Ticketmaster, the website no one in the world likes to use, couldn’t keep up with the Swifties. Things went so wrong with the closed advance sale that the planned public sale was completely canceled. You know your website downtime is bad when it happens kindles the political fire to break the overwhelming dominance of your company.

Audio Summary

podcast! We have them! People seem to like them! Or many people just download/subscribe to inflate our collective ego. That’s okay too. Here’s what’s been happening on TC Podcasts lately:

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