February 8, 2023

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All the tech (and other notable features) in the Ram 1500 Revolution EV truck • TechCrunch

Stellantis unveiled its answer to an increasingly crowded battery-electric truck market during CES 2023: a wide-shouldered pickup truck packed with tech, a longer cabin with third-row jump seats, cup holders in the trunk, and even a movie projector.

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept isn’t exactly what the Stellantis brand plans to put into production by 2024. (This version will be shown later this year). Still, it offers the clearest picture yet of Ram’s plans for the next generation of trucks and how it intends to compete with other entrants in the emerging EV market, including the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV.

It starts with a body-on-frame architecture designed for full-size electric vehicles, integrating the battery pack as well as aerodynamic underbody panels and an active diffuser to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic properties. Two electric drive modules are mounted on the front and rear axles to provide all-wheel drive, and a rear axle steering system allows the driver to pivot the rear wheels up to 15 degrees.

Ram hasn’t disclosed some key EV specs like range and battery pack size; expect those later this quarter. The brand said the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept can add up to 100 miles of range in around 10 minutes with 800-volt DC fast charging at up to 350kW. Of course, this suggests that the production version will have an 800-volt electrical architecture, which allows for fast fast charging.

The automaker has packed many features, technologies and a new design language into the Ram 1500 Revolution. Here’s what caught my eye.

New face, saloon doors

Ram Revolution battery electric truck

Credit: Kirsten Korosec

There are all sorts of interesting exterior design options in the Ram Revolution such as: B. a new “face” that includes more modern badges and an animated LED tuning fork headlight design.

Perhaps the most notable design feature is the absence of a B-pillar, allowing for a grand sedan-style door opening. The design decision makes the spacious interior look even more voluminous. The cab is actually four inches longer than Ram’s gas-powered equivalent trucks. The saloon style doors just hammer this idea home.

Ram 1500 Revolution Battery Electric Vehicle Concept

Photo credit: Stellantis

3D printed side mirrors

Electric truck with ram battery

Credit: Kirsten Korosec

The side mirrors are smaller than on any other Ram truck, a design decision meant to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics. The side mirrors, which capture the truck’s surroundings with a digital camera, are also made from 3D-printed parts.

The truck concept is also equipped with a reversing camera and rearview mirror that communicate with biometric cameras that monitor the truck’s surroundings.

Mobile film projector

The truck is equipped with several built-in projectors to visually convey information to the user. But that’s really important to us, because the projectors also serve as a mobile cinema.

Electrochromatic roof

Ram Revolution battery electric concept truck

Credit: Kirsten Korosec

The Ram Revolution concept features an all-glass roof with electrochromic panels and integrated roof rails. The occupants can operate the ambient lighting from the cabin via the overhead console.

You can also use Ram’s tactile wipe technology to configure the sun visors or the entire electrochromatic roof to adjust opacity.

Personal assistant

Like so many vehicles these days, the Ram Revolution has a personal assistant. A 3D Ram avatar acts as the vehicle’s face and responds to various voice commands from users, according to Ram.

A nice feature is that the personal assistant even obeys the owner’s commands while outside the vehicle. A user can use Shadow Mode to tell the vehicle to close the windows, play music, take a picture, and “follow me.”

shadow mode

Electric truck with ram battery

Credit: Kirsten Korosec

Yes, shadow mode, a feature that allows the vehicle to automatically follow a driver walking in front of the vehicle. This feature, which uses sensors and camera technology to navigate around obstacles, is marketed to people who might be at a construction site and want the truck to come along and carry tools.

Adjustable and detachable lower display

Electric truck with ram battery

Credit: Kirsten Korosec

The bottom display (pictured above) can be used as a tablet, passenger display, truck workstation, vehicle controller, or video game controller, according to Ram.

The two 14.2-inch displays can also be combined to provide a larger viewing area.

jump seats

Ram Revolution BEV concept jump seats

Credit: Kirsten Korosec

What do you do with a spacious interior? Of course, add jump seats in the third row.

The third row fold down seats, handy if you want to fit six people in the truck cab – say what? — are folded until required for use. The jump seats are mounted to the center door with a removable lower section.

The interior layout is actually flexible, allowing users to remove the center console and reconfigure the seating.

Ram Revolution battery electric truck

Credit: Kirsten Korosec

frunk hole

Speaking of flexibility. The flexible layout includes a passageway leading through the center console and into the trunk. I officially call this a frunk hole. This feature allows objects up to 18 feet long to fit in the truck.

Ram Revolution battery electric truck

Objects can get into the trunk through a hole between the driver and front passenger seats. Credit: Kirsten Korosec

It should be noted that this hole is narrow. One could imagine that a metal or PVC pipe would fit here, or maybe a pair of skis.

Not sure if an object fits? The concept also includes a mobile app that allows users to measure objects to determine if they can be transported with their vehicle. Users can scan the product’s barcode or use an integrated augmented reality camera measurement tool. The mobile app shows the user how best to position the object in their vehicle. Internal and external cabin projectors can also be used to display destination storage location guidance, the company says.

Frunk drink holder

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a peek inside the powered front trunk or frunk. But I’m told there are cup holders if you look under the hood that have a one-touch open and close function. (It’s a tailgating thing.)

Other electrified features of the vehicle include an electrified charge port door located on the driver’s side front quarter panel, an electrified liftgate, flush-mounted door handles, electrified side steps and an electrified rear step.