February 3, 2023

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7 restaurants where they cook in front of you

When the chef comes out and prepares your meal, it’s one of the most romantic moments on a dinner date you can have.

It enhances memory of dining out and allows you to see the skill and attention to detail each chef puts into every meal.

If you’re looking to cook something for your significant other, you might be curious about which restaurants cook your food in front of you or just like the extra attention some restaurants give.

There are a variety of restaurants where you can watch people cook, including steakhouses and hibachi restaurants.


Benihana is one of the most famous restaurants in the Hibachi chain, with branches across the country. One of the first places to introduce hibachi and teppanyaki to the United States was this restaurant, which opened its doors in 1964.

The chefs at Benihana prepare the cuisine on a hibachi grill in front of guests, delighting them with quick thinking and consummate knife skills.

Popular menu items at Benihana include:

Hibachi ChickenShrimp Hibachi Filet MignonTuna Hibachi SteakChicken Hibachi Rice

Despite its success, some people believe that benihana food lacks the authenticity of Japanese hibachi cuisine. Benihana may not be suitable for clients on a budget as it is also more expensive than other restaurants.

Sakura Japanese Steak, Seafood House & Sushi Bar

Before expanding locations across the country, Marc Ha’s Sakura Japanese Steak, Seafood House & Sushi Bar first debuted in 1988 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

This Japanese hibachi restaurant serves various teppanyaki dishes along with sushi and steak. Customers love the premium ingredients and have the opportunity to watch professional chefs prepare their meals in real time.

Popular menu items at this restaurant include:

Scallops Filet Mignon Lobster Shrimp and Chicken Combo

As the cuisine is mostly meat and fish, this well-known restaurant might not be a favorite among vegans and vegetarians. Also, this Japanese restaurant is quite expensive.


A chain of sushi and teppanyaki restaurants with locations throughout Southern California is called Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar. The unique dining experience this restaurant offers and the opportunity for diners to watch their food being prepared are two reasons why why it is so popular.

Popular menu items at this restaurant include:

Filet MignonHalf Roll TrioTeriyaki Chicken New York Steak

Shogun is a well-known restaurant brand, but not everyone likes it. The restaurant is not the best choice for travelers on a tight budget as it is more expensive than other places. Since many of the Shogun’s popular meals contain meat, vegetarians and vegans may not like this restaurant all that much.

Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Cho is a fantastic restaurant where your dinner is prepared at your table. Eventually, due to a significant increase in demand, this Brazilian restaurant opened a location in America. The fact that this restaurant specializes in the art of churrasco sets it apart from the competition. Churrasco is a grilling method that involves grilling meat over an extended period of time. It intensifies the flavor and makes the meat very tender. The large menu at Fogo de Cho has options for steak, fish, chicken, lamb and a market table. The goods and produce on their market table are the freshest they could find at the neighborhood market that day.

As a result, this particular menu features some of the tastiest dishes you will discover. When it comes to cooking in front of you, the waiter or chef will visit your table and complete your meal in front of you. This makes the experience even more personal and unique. Fogo de Cho is a great choice if you want something with a Brazilian influence and someone to cook at your table.

Don’s Bogum Wine Bar & BBQ

Dine at Dons Bogam Wine Bar & BBQ if you appreciate the concept of a hibachi restaurant but want something cozier. The emphasis at this hibachi restaurant is largely on gourmet food. You can choose a more private table where you can see the chef at work, but you can still sit close to the chef if you like.

In addition to Japanese food, this hibachi restaurant also offers Korean cuisine. If you have never eaten Korean cuisine, this is the place to go. The fact that master chef Woo Kim prepares your dish is one of the attractions of the restaurant.

With years of experience, Kim has always wanted to introduce the best Korean food to the world. He prepares your food as only a great chef can – with flair and grace. Along with delicious Korean food, you can sample a variety of wines, beers, and sake.

99 Prefer the taste

If you fancy Chinese cuisine, you should go to 99 Favor Taste. It’s a hot pot restaurant where almost anything is available. Your choice of ingredients will be brought to your table by the chef or waiter, who will then help you prepare your stew. After that you can add ingredients or ask your server to do it. There are a variety of items that you can use in your Hot Pot. As a result, you can basically make any type of soup or stew you choose. In addition to traditional Chinese stews, 99 Favor Taste also offers Korean BBQ specialties. You can still treat yourself to traditional Korean dishes if you don’t feel like eating from a hot pot.

For those looking for a more relaxed experience with a server helping them prepare their food at their table, 99 Favor Taste is the perfect choice.


Nikko is a well-known place where you can order food and have it cooked in front of you. This Japanese restaurant has a sushi bar. Most of the time the sushi is prepared right in front of you. From the bar you can watch the masters at work. However, Nikko is not only known for its dishes and sushi. At weekends the atmosphere is lively.

On the weekends you can often find a DJ and live music while people dance or enjoy themselves. If you like it a little quieter, the restaurant offers private dining in addition to the sushi bar. On Sundays, people watch their favorite teams on the restaurant’s giant screen, which transforms it into a sports bar. Serving so many different types of customers, Nikko is a fantastic restaurant.