February 8, 2023

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7 places to cash a check on Sunday

Where can I go on Sunday to cash a check? Check payments are a typical form of payment because checking checks are easy and convenient. Check cashing also remains open on Sundays.

Any purchase can be made with a check as long as the merchant accepts them. Despite an increase in the ability to deposit personal checks into prepaid cards, you can still use them to make purchases like groceries, rent, and insurance payments.

There are several ways to cash a check depending on your preferences and convenience. The easiest way to cash a check is to go to the Sunday bank that issued it. However, there are several places where you can cash checks as well. Check-to-Cash is a simple and quick process if you have a bank account with the company. So these are the ways to cash checks on Sunday.

Places to cash a check on Sunday

The top Sunday check cashing locations are listed below.

Kroger & Affiliates

By 1950, check cashing stations operated by Kroger or its subsidiaries were open on Sundays. The outlets, spread across 31 US states, allow customers to check money for payroll, business, government, insurance, and income tax returns.

Companies associated with Kroger include Payless, Dillons, Fred Meyer, QFC, King Soopers and City Market to name a few. Checks up to $2000 and $5000 can be cashed by anyone with a $3 and $5.50 shopping card.

Walmart stores

Grocery shopping at Walmart allows you to cash your check. Almost every Walmart location near the customer service desk or in the money services center has a check cashing and financial services desk. The service will be offered as long as the business is open. So with the store open 24/7, you can cash checks at Walmart whenever you want.


You can cash your check at the welcoming Payomatic Cashing Shop in New York. You don’t have to go far to cash your check as there are over 150 shops nearby. Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, NYC and Long Island have Payomatic locations.

Most Payomatic stores are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The store accepts a variety of checks, including tax returns, government checks, paychecks, attorney’s checks and union checks, for a modest fee of 2.19 percent.

Fast cash

Although Speedy Cash is a payday lender, it accepts almost all checks, making it the perfect choice for customers who have been turned down elsewhere. The store accepts government, salary, student loans and paychecks for cashing.

The Company accepts cash orders, statements and insurance checks for cashing. Despite the Company’s extensive network across the United States, certain locations do not offer 24-hour service. Depending on where you are, you should spend at least $2 to cash your check.

Citi bank

Citibank 2400 ATMs accept a variety of checks, including paychecks, government checks, personal checks, cashier’s checks, and other party’s checks. As long as the check is made out to a Citibank account, non-Citibank customers can cash it at an ATM. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from a customer account is $5000. There is a $500 cap for non-Citibank accounts.

The Travel Centers of America

You can earn up to $300 in free check cashing when you cash your check at Travel Centers of America. However, you must purchase at least 60 gallons of diesel fuel, spend at least $50 on non-fuel items, or spend at least $250 on servicing or repairing your vehicle. You can use the gas station at any of over 270 gas stations in 43 states.

Pilot Flying J

The 750 Pilot Flying J locations across the country are helpful for cashing checks when traveling abroad in a truck or RV. You can access a wide network of locations to cash your check as the gas stations are spread across 44 states and eight Canadian provinces. It offers a 24-hour check cashing service.

In addition, the services are available 24/7, so you can cash your check at any time. If you buy at least 25 gallons of gas, you can cash a check for less than $200 for free. Checks up to $999.99 can be cashed at the station.