February 3, 2023

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6 ways to get free coupons in the mail

Have you ever wondered how to get free coupons in the mail? It’s simpler than you think.

Many retailers and brands regularly send you coupons to save money on the products your family loves.

How to get them!

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6 ways to get free coupons in the mail

I discovered couponing a little over a decade ago.

My son had just been born and after a long hospital stay with lots of medical bills I was looking for ways to save money for our growing family.

I thought coupons could help us cut our grocery budget a bit, but quick couponing could help us save even more.

My son is now a teenager and our family still uses coupons almost every day to save on things we need.

Where can you get vouchers for free?

From groceries to clothing to restaurants and travel, coupons can be a great way to save money. It is possible to receive free coupons in the mail that will help you save every day.

Here are some of our best places to get coupons for your family.

Join mailing lists

I used to be very careful about sharing my address with companies. I refused to provide my details when making the purchase unless absolutely necessary.

However, as I began to focus more on saving money, I realized one thing.

If companies know where you live, they will send you stuff! Yes, this may mean receiving unwanted junk mail, but it also means receiving free coupons in the mail, free samples, and other goodies.

Now I make sure I’m on my favorite retailers’ mailing lists so I can receive shopping coupons regularly.

Here are some types of mailing lists that you should definitely join.

food market

Are you a member of your grocery store rewards program? Chances are they have great savings, available coupons, bonuses and more.

This week alone I received a free tank of propane (worth $25), a free tank of gas from fuel savings awards, and over $20 in additional savings from our small town grocery store.

clothing retailers

If you, your significant other, or your kids love clothing or shoes from a particular store, make sure to include your information at checkout so they can send you free coupons in the future. These coupons can come in the form of discounts or freebies, and you may be surprised at the value you get.

One of my favorite clothing retailers regularly sends out $10 coupons, which I use to buy clearance items or smaller items like socks and underwear for free.


If your family enjoys dining out, chances are you can get high-value coupons for your favorite fast food and fine dining restaurants. Sign up for free restaurant coupons on their websites and by participating in their rewards programs.

This week I received a free burrito with chips and queso from a local burrito shop, a buy-one-get-one pizza coupon from a pizza parlor, and several other goodies. Many restaurants, especially larger restaurant chains, offer free coupons for your birthday as well as just for signing up. These can often be of high value, e.g. B. for a free meal, a free appetizer or more.

Travel and Sightseeing

Are you planning a trip? Did you know that you can get free vouchers for travel and attractions in the area? Before embarking on your trip, be sure to contact the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the attractions themselves to see what discounts are available.

These visitor-friendly locations do their best to attract your business and will often send you premium or even free entry vouchers upon request. You will also receive fun brochures, magazines and travel guides that can help you plan your upcoming trip.


Many service companies offer quality coupons in the mail, and once you’re on their mailing list these discounts can add up quite a bit! From haircuts to hair salons, dentist visits, dog grooming and home repairs, many service providers offer coupons to both new and existing businesses to help them start their business.

On the subject of matching items:

Sign up and collect rewards

While joining a rewards program and a mailing list can sometimes be the same, sometimes they can be quite different and provide additional benefits for being a member of both.

Rewards programs reward your loyalty by offering savings in the form of coupons, freebies and more on the products you use regularly.

If you are a soft drink consumer, Coke Rewards offers incentives to redeem codes on their products. My family has received free soda products, amusement park tickets, and more.

Disney fans can earn amazing freebies from Disney Movie Rewards. We redeemed the codes in our purchased DVDs and Blu-rays for free movie tickets, free toys and even free bikes for our kids.

Many major manufacturers are also jumping on the bounty bandwagon, offering rewards for purchasing their products and submitting your receipts.

Check the websites and social media of the companies you support regularly to see what’s available.

Write to brands

Do you love a specific product? They can send you free coupons if you ask!

Contact the businesses your family loves through USPS mail, social media, or the contact forms on their websites to see if they have product coupons available.

Product packaging often has a mailing address or website address for comments and questions, and there are also many websites online that list coupon-friendly companies that will send you coupons if you ask for them.

While some brands may not be sending out coupons at this time, you may be surprised by the results or free coupons that arrive in the future!

Search on social media

Do you follow Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages of your favorite companies, shops, restaurants and brands?

By staying up to date for updates, you may be rewarded with coupons, freebies, samples or more reserved only for their fans.

I’ve won thousands of dollars in freebies by staying in touch with products my family uses regularly, and recently won a free meal for four, an autographed sports poster, and even a new bike just for being a fan.

Don’t write off discounts

Discounts are having their day in the sun again at many retailers, and these different types of coupons can offer significant savings on your next purchase.

Menards is known for its discounts with purchases, and other retailers also offer cash discounts like Kohls coupons and many clothing retailers.

These rebate savings can really add up, so keep your discounts and rewards ready for your next shopping spree.

Sign up for new parenting programs

Have a new baby or small child on the way?

Be sure to create a baby registry at major retailers! Not only does this make baby gift shopping easier for your friends and family, but it can also ensure you sign up for some fabulous baby and parent giveaways.

Don’t forget to not only enroll in Target, but also enroll in Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and rewards programs with Similac, Enfamil, and diaper rewards programs.

Can you really get free coupons in the mail?

Absolutely! Coupons are available in multiple formats including post, email, digital, newspaper, rebate and more.

Using coupons is a fantastic step if you want to save money and using coupons also helps many businesses that may be struggling at the moment as you show them your support.

How to organize your coupons

Get free coupons but not sure how best to have them handy when you’re ready to use them? An inexpensive portable file folder can help you organize paper coupons by type or vendor until you get a chance to use them.

I keep mine in my car so I have my coupons handy when I go shopping and make sure to delete any expired savings so it doesn’t get too cluttered and I can find what I need. Put the coupons in a system that makes sense to you, just make sure they’re available so you can use them for the biggest savings possible.

While it’s not as common to get coupons in the mail as it used to be, there are still plenty of ways to make sure you get discounts on a regular basis. With a little work and creativity, you can make sure companies send you savings on the items you buy on a regular basis.

Do you have a trick to get coupons that we missed? Leave it in the comments below!

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Kim Ritter is an economical living expert, blogger, and mother of two from small town Iowa. What started as an attempt to help her family save a few dollars a month has now grown into a full-time obsession with helping other parents with money. Visit her online at twokidsandacoupon.com and follow her on Twitter at @2kidsandacoupon for more ways your family can have fun on a budget.