February 3, 2023

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4 Best Digital Photo Frames for Sharing Photos (2022)

Most of us have hundreds if not thousands of photos that just sit on our phones and computers that we rarely get to revisit in a polished way. There are too many to print and frame, and the number keeps piling up. That’s why I love digital photo frames.

If you think of the cheesy, pixelated digital imagery of the early years, fear not! You’ve come a long way. They’re nice to have around the house and make great gifts too. You can set it up for others and send your latest vacation photos straight to them, so your parents or grandparents are always up to date. You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection, but if that’s not a problem I have several recommendations. These are the best digital photo frames (and the worst).

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Updated November 2022: We’ve added the newest, more affordable Aura Carver as our top pick. We’ve also updated prices and links everywhere.

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