February 2, 2023

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2023 Walmart Return Times: What time can you return

Need to make a return and want the basics on Walmart’s return times? Regardless of the reason for your return, here’s what you need to know about returns at Walmart stores.

One of America’s top retailers, Walmart is a go-to destination for many of us, including my own family. We shop at this retailer for everything from groceries to toys to clothes to tools.

While most items we buy fit well and don’t cause any problems, there may be occasions when you have a problem and need to make a return. In this article, we share information you need to know about Walmart’s returns system and the times when you can make returns at Walmart.

Basic facts about Walmart return times and processes

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about the basic facts about Walmart’s return times!

When does Walmart accept returned items?

While many Walmart stores are open 24 hours a day, return times are more restricted. As returns are processed through the customer service department in each store, return processing is limited to the hours available in that department.

Although this varies by location, return times at most Walmarts are between 7:00am and 11:00pm Monday through Friday and 8:00am to 10:00pm Saturday through Sunday. Before making a special trip to process a return, check the opening hours for your area.

Because the Customer Service Department handles many services, there may be peak times such as lunchtime and the end of the business day when traffic is heavier. The wait for help may be longer during this time.

How Walmart handles return requests

If you are returning an item, Walmart has a team of associates available to assist you with customer service.

A return at Walmart is usually straightforward and easy. Most items, except for those with certain exclusions in Walmart’s return policy, can be returned within 90 days. Some items such as electronics may have shorter return periods and deadlines may extend after the busy holiday season.

A receipt is generally recommended for returns at Walmart. This will make your returns process smoother and will help guarantee the amount that will be refunded to you. If you used a credit card for your purchase, Walmart may be able to research the purchase for you. Simply present the card to the customer service representative upon your return.

Walmart accepts some limited returns without a receipt. A government-issued photo ID is required for a return or exchange at Walmart without a receipt. Purchases under $10 are usually refunded in cash. For larger purchases, customers typically receive a Walmart gift card (rather than cashback) in return.

For returns without a receipt, the amount returned may also be reduced to reflect current retail prices.

Some items cannot be returned and can only be exchanged for an exact or similar item, e.g. B. air mattresses, cordless phones and medical devices.

Where can I return purchases in store and online?

When returning to Walmart, does it matter if you bought an item in-store or online? Yes, it does! If you purchased an item from a Walmart store, you must process the return at the store. If you purchased from Walmart.com, you can return it by mail or in-store.

When making a return or exchange at Walmart, be sure to include all original packaging and accessories.

Getting a refund for a ticket purchase

When returning an item purchased with a credit card, the return amount is usually refunded to your card. You may see an outstanding balance immediately on your banking website or app. However, it may take several business days for the money to be refunded. Purchases made online may take a little longer.

Make sure to keep your return receipts until everything has been processed and the money has been returned in full.

TL;DR: Return times at Walmart

While hours of operation vary slightly by location, most Walmart stores offer returns during their customer service desk hours. This is usually 7am to 11pm but may vary from store to store. Some hours may also be limited by available staff during the current pandemic.

To find Walmart return times for retail stores near you, contact your local Walmart location. You can also learn more about returning to Walmart online at Walmart.com.

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