February 2, 2023

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10 gas stations that accept Venmo

Electronic and contactless payment methods are becoming more common around the world. Venmo is one of the many payment options available in the US.

Many gas station companies are starting to accept additional payment methods these days. Will you be able to pay for your gas with Venmo next time? Read on to find out everything you need to know!

Which gas station accepts Venmo?


Venmo payments are now available in the official Chevron mobile app thanks to an upgrade.

When using the app, choose Venmo from the list of payment options including PayPal, debit and credit cards, and Venmo.

Visit Google Play or the App Store to get the Techn app.


Chevron, one of America’s largest gas station chains, offers a variety of payment options at its many locations across the country.

MasterCard is one of those options at the pump and through the Chevron app. That means you can pay with your Venmo card the next time you stop at Chevron.


Venmo is now one of the payment options available when you download the Texaco mobile app.

In the future, when you drive to a Texaco to fill up, you can use your Venmo credit to pay.

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Texaco app. Receive incentives when you use the app to pay at your nearby Texaco station.


Exxon Mobile

You can use ExxonMobil’s mobile app to make payments, which supports debit and credit cards and various saved payment methods.

Your Venmo debit card can either be used at the pump or saved as a card in the mobile app.


Sunoco is one of the oldest gas station chains in the world and another well-known American brand. There are about 7,000 locations in the US.

You can use your Venmo balance with the Venmo debit card as they accept MasterCard.

speedway chains

Speedway is a well-known network of gas stations and convenience stores in the United States. This gas store accepts MasterCard so you can use your Venmo debit card.

Other gas station chains owned by Speedway include Gas America, Gas Town, Wake Up, United and Ecol.

7 Eleven

7-Eleven is another well-known gas store in the US. Now that you know you can use your Venmo debit card here, it may be even more convenient for you.

7-Eleven has a digital wallet option that you can fill with cash, debit, credit, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Travel shop of love

Love’s is a well-known gas station company that delivers to truckers and other people on long journeys or on the highway.

There are multiple payment options at Love’s, including MasterCard. This means your Venmo debit card will work when you want to pay for gas and other items at Love’s.

Sheetz Inc

In Altoona, Pennsylvania, Sheetz Inc. began as a single, humble convenience store operated by a private individual. It has grown into a large, wealthy chain with an excellent reputation.

Like most establishments, Sheetz accepts MasterCard, so you can pay with your Venmo debit card the next time you fill up.

Circle K

Circle K is not only an effective petrol station chain, but is also present in 20 other nations. However, Venmo is only available in the US.

You can use your Venmo debit card to pay for gas at the following time as Circle K accepts MasterCard debit cards.


Chevron and Texaco are the two gas stations that accept Venmo directly as payment. In the Chevron and Texaco mobile applications, you can use Venmo to make online payments.

Aside from using a Venmo debit card, which uses money from your Venmo balance for payments, Venmo cannot be used at gas stations. Venmo Debit can be used anywhere in the United States that accepts MasterCard.